Dr. Austin Matthews


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Short Bio

  • Assistant Professor, East Carolina University
  • PhD Louisiana State University


  • Comparative Politics
  • Russian and East European Politics
  • Civil-Military Relations
  • Political Elites in Dictatorships
  • Military and State Security Design
  • Technologies of Rebellion
  • Political Purges
  • Marxist Regimes and Post-Communist Politics


  • POLS 2010 – Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • SECS 6430 – Special Topics: Authoritarian Regimes


  • (2022) Matthews, A and Johnathan D. Moyer. “Measuring and Forecasting the Rise of China.” Journal of Contemporary China (forthcoming).
  • (2022) Matthews, A. “Don’t Turn Around: Der Kommissar’s in Town: Political Officers and Coup d’etats in Authoritarian Regimes.” Journal of Peace Research (forthcoming).
  • (2021) Matthews, A. and Edward Goldring. “To Purge or Not to Purge? An Individual-Level Qualitative Analysis of Elite Purges in Dictatorships.” British Journal of Political Science. First View.
  • (2021) Matthews, A. and Yann P. Kerevel. “The Nomination and Electoral Competitiveness of Working Class Candidates in Germany.” German Politics (forthcoming).
  • (2019) Matthews, A., Yann P. Kerevel, and Katsunori Seki. “Mixed-Member Electoral Systems, Best Loser Rules, and the Descriptive Representation of Women.” Electoral Studies 57 (1): 153-162.