Frequently Asked Questions for Security Studies Major & Minor Students

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How can I become a Security Studies Major/ Minor Student?

If you are interested in the Security Studies undergraduate program please contact the program director Dr. Armin Krishnan either by e-mail or through the contact form on this website.

Can I choose any electives on the list?

Yes, but make sure that if you are a Security Studies Major that you choose electives from altogether four different disciplines.

Can I take courses that are not on the list of Security Studies courses?

Normally the answer is no. However, there are occasionally circumstances where exceptions can be made. Contact the program director if you want to discuss including a class that is not on the official list.

How many courses should I take per term?

It is recommended to take between five to six courses per term so that you can reach the required 120 hours for your degree within four years.

What are the advantages of having a double major in Security Studies and Political Science?

Some of the courses listed in both programs can be counted towards the completion of both majors, which means that this will allow you to complete your degrees with only a few more hours than in a Security Studies Major and Political Science Minor program.

I am a Security Studies Major but I am not sure about what Minor I should choose.

You can choose any minor available at ECU, but it makes sense to think strategically about choosing a minor. First of all, the minor should align well with your career aspirations and should add valuable skills and knowledge to your qualifications. Secondly, it can be an advantage to consider minors that align well with the major. For Security Studies there is a good fit with the following disciplines: Political Science, History, Criminal Justice, Geography, and Russian Studies.

Do I have to complete an internship?

There is no internship requirement for the Security Studies Major program. However, it is recommended to complete an internship with a relevant agency or organization in order to improve the chances for securing employment after graduation.