Dr. Marie Olson Lounsbery

Security Studies Seal

Short Bio

  • BA Political Science, Oakland University (1992)
  • MA Political Science, Wayne State University (1997)
  • PhD Wayne State University (2003)
  • Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution and International Studies, Nova Southeastern University (2003-2007)
  • Assistant Professor, East Carolina University (2007-2013)
  • Associate Professor, East Carolina University (2013-present)
  • Director of the International Studies Undergraduate Program (2014-present)
  • Professor, East Carolina University (2020-present)


  • Conflict Studies
  • Causes, processes and resolution of war, particularly war occurring within states


  • SECS 6300 – Research Methods for Security Studies
  • POLS 3013 – Decision-Making in the UN
  • POLS 3031 – Research Methods for Political Science
  • POLS 3032 – Statistical Methods for Political Science
  • POLS 3290 – Conflict and Peace in the Post Cold War Age
  • POLS 3293 – International Organizations
  • POLS 4383 – War in the Modern Age


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